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1.International standards

★Color perimetry: a more sensitive detection of early visual filed defects

2.Accurate, fast Visual Testing

★Original interlligent testing strategies(IDT):3 minutes to complete a full inspection threshold

★Kinetic perimetry

3.Corprehensive and versatile single analysis and reporting reliability: Accurate interpretation of perimetry results

★Perimeter index

★Dedicated projection perimetry software system

Appearance: Split type

Stimulating way: Optical projection

Projection surface: Aspheric projection arc

Detection method: Static perimetry, Dynamic Perimetry

Detection scope: 0-90 Degree

Brightness Level: 0-51db

Testing Distance: 300nm

Visual Target Color: Red, Blue, White

Visual Target Brightness: 0asb-10000asb

Background Light: White(31.5asb), yellow(315asb)

Vision Target Interval time, keeping time: Patients adaptive, standard, slow ,custom

Pupil size Measurement: Auto

Head Movement way: AEC eye position monitoring and automatic 

                   correction system

Brightness Measurement: Brightness Auto Measurement and correction

Visual Target Size(Goldmann standard): I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Grade V Grade

Detection strategy: Full-threshold, fast threshold, custom, two notation, three notation, 

               quantify detects, Intelligent dynamic, fast intelligent dynamic

Threshold policy: Age-related, threshold-related, single strength

Static Perimetry: Threshold test Mode: Center10-2,center 24-2,Center 30-2,center 60-4,

              Nasal step, macula

            Screening, special test mode: Center 40,center 64,center 76,center 80,

              centerarmaly,peripheral 60,

              Nasal stepfamily Full Filed, Full Filed 81,Full Filed 120,Full Filed 35,

              Full filed 246,supper 36,upper 64,Easterman monocular, Easter man binocular

Dynamic Perimetry: Dynamic program: Manual procedures, standard procedures

                           (Standard 45, Standard 30,a high resolution 15)Static point map, 

                           Dark spot map, Blind spot map, custom can, custom dynamic program)

               Stimulation parameters: Adjustable(Speed 1-9/s,visual target size, color, intensity, 

               test ranges, etc)

Fixation monitoring: Dynamic realtime video monitoring, physiological blind spot monitoring, eye tracking 

               curve, eye position offset alarm

Analysis Software: Reliability analysis, single vision analysis, triple report analysis, overview vision analysis, 

             GHT glaucoma semi vision analysis, GPA glaucoma developing analysis

Report Figure: Value map, grayscale map, the overall bias decibel chart, the overall deviation probability map, 

             chart pattern deviation decibels, pattern deviation probability plot, starting Figure.

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